ARASHI Company, which has reached an important position in the Turkish market in a short time thanks to its mission of providing premium quality with the best service, has started its commercial activities as of 2019 and continues to grow stronger day by day.

Our company, whose priority has always been customer satisfaction among its value focuses, has made a name for itself in the market in a short time with its investments in change and development in this direction.

ARASHI Company, which can offer alternative solutions to its customers with its increasing service understanding as well as premium quality, is taking firm steps towards becoming a solution partner targeting the future with the investments it makes in this context by identifying the needs of the sector.

ARASHI Company, which started to serve as its headquarters in Izmir in the first days of 2022 in order to take the service it provides in Turkey one step higher, aims to provide faster service thanks to its new location, as well as to increase its import power in order to meet increasing demands.